The Withlacoochee

Is one of the Very Few Rivers in
the world that flow south to north.
It's a pristine river with wonderful
views of Cypress Trees and an
abundance of wildlife like Eagles,
Osprey, Hawks, King Fishers or
Alligators, Turtles and lots more.
It is also a great River to catch
Bass, Specs, Stump Knockers.


The Withlacoochee originates in
central Florida's Green Swamp
and joins the Gulf of Mexico near
Yankeetown. The river is 141mi
long and along its route is the 46
mile Withlacoochee State Trail,
which is the longest paved rail
trail in Florida, it merges with the
rainbow river in Dunnellon. and
represents one of Florida's last
untouched Jewels of true nature.